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Emery Cat - Kitty Scratcher
As Seen On TV 2010

Emery Cat

Now Your Cat Can Trim Their Own Claws With Emery Cat Board. It\'s The Fun New Kitty Scratcher That Actually Grooms Cats Claws While They Play! Buy now for only $19.95 plus you'll receive a Cat Toy and a cat De-Shedder absolutely FREE

 Payout: $10.00
 Link: Emery Cat - Kitty Scratcher

Bark Off - Capture Your Dogs Attention.

Bark Off

BarkOff is the ingenious, ultrasonic training aid that allows you to take control over your dog's annoying, uncontrollable barking. Just switch on the BarkOff device and an ultrasonic signal, inaudible to human ears, instantly captures your dogs attention.

 Payout: $15.00
 Link: Bark Off - Capture your dogs attention.

Plaque Attack - All Natural and Safe!

Plaque Attack

Plaque Attacks all natural formula safely and quickly mixes saliva to coat the teeth and gums. The ingredients then do the work to break up bacteria, plaque, and built-up tartar.

 Payout: $9.00
 Link: Plaque Attack - All natural and safe.
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Crazy Critters - Dog and Cat Pet Toy - AsSeenOnTV 2010

Crazy Critter

Crazy Critters are super plush and realistic looking they even squeak making your dog think that he or she is playing with a friend. Best of all, they are hand washable so you can use them indoors or outside.

 Payout: $9.00
 Link: Crazy Critters - Dog and Cat Pet Toy

Pet DMV - Official Pet Driver's License


The Official Pet Driver's License for all 50 States. Your loved one will get an authentic Pet Driver's License State ID, along with a FREE Plastic personalized ID collar tag. The most durable and guarenteed Pet Driver's License available! Put on your keychain, slide on your collar, or keep as a spare Pet ID.

 Payout: $8.00
 Link: Pet DMV - Official Pet Driver's License.

Comfy Control Harness - The Humane Harness!

Comfy Control

Comfy Control Harness is a new humane harness that's lightweight and easily adjustable. It's special design allows for maximum comfort and safety every time you walk your dog.

 Payout: $9.00
 Link: Comfy Control Harness - The Humane Harness!
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